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Branded Wellness & Health Products

Wellness & Health Products

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  1. Promotional WellnessStation 'Bilal' weiß
    WellnessStation 'Bilal' weiß
    ab 13,310 €
  2. Fleece bathrobe with two sewed front pockets.
    ab 10,830 €
  3. 100% Polyester wellness set
    ab 13,180 €
  4. Promo Buisness Spa Shape 271
    Buisness Spa Shape 271
    ab 11,420 €
  5. Promo Care tube 'Vielen Dank' – Hand and Nail cream
    Care tube 'Vielen Dank' – Hand and Nail cream
    ab 0,950 €
  6. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: White Tea
    Wellness-Gift-Set: White Tea
    ab 12,950 €
  7. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Magnolia Spa
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Magnolia Spa
    ab 7,500 €
  8. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Chocolate-Vanilla roll
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Chocolate-Vanilla roll
    ab 5,950 €
  9. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Chocolate Cake
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Chocolate Cake
    ab 3,750 €
  10. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Cherry roll
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Cherry roll
    ab 4,950 €
  11. branded Wellness-Gift-Set: Beauty Care
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Beauty Care
    ab 17,500 €
  12. branded Wellness-Gift-Set: Holzzuber
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Holzzuber
    ab 14,500 €
  13. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: aldoVANDINI – Joyful
    Wellness-Gift-Set: aldoVANDINI – Joyful
    ab 7,500 €
  14. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: Milk'n'Berry
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Milk'n'Berry
    ab 3,750 €
  15. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Cherry Cup
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Cherry Cup
    ab 3,750 €
  16. branded Wellness-Gift-Set: Lavender Basket
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Lavender Basket
    ab 11,950 €
  17. Promotional Wellness-Gift-Set: Nice Season!
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Nice Season!
    ab 12,950 €
  18. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: Wild Rose
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Wild Rose
    ab 12,950 €
  19. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: Mjölk
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Mjölk
    ab 16,720 €
  20. Promo Wellness-Gift-Set: Classic Care – For him
    Wellness-Gift-Set: Classic Care – For him
    ab 12,950 €
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Promotional Wellness+&+Health+Products Imprinted With Your Logo

Finally... you have a little time for yourself, time to leave your everyday cares behind and recharge your batteries. Doesn’t that sound good? Wellness is the keyword that exudes a sense of wellbeing and peace. You can actually translate this feeling into an advertising campaign. Our Wellness Articles line offers a range of useful gift ideas that will give your promotional campaign that special touch.