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Branded USB Items

USB Items

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  1. Promotional Multiadapter'MobileundConnect' schwarz
    Multiadapter'MobileundConnect' schwarz
    ab 3,320 €
  2. branded Ladekabel 'Adele'
    Ladekabel 'Adele'
    ab 4,150 €
  3. Promo Bluetooth Box 'Johann' schwarz
    Bluetooth Box 'Johann' schwarz
    ab 8,520 €
  4. Promotional Powerbank 'Johann'
    Powerbank 'Johann'
    ab 9,270 €
  5. Promo Datagir
    ab 2,910 €
  6. PP webcam cover
    ab 0,100 €
  7. Webcam cover and screen cleaner
    ab 0,140 €
  8. Octavian' USB car charger
    ab 12,190 €
  9. Berend' USB cable on key ring
    ab 2,060 €
  10. Oberon' USB cable on key ring
    ab 2,740 €
  11. USB charging cable set
    ab 1,490 €
  12. USB 'Christian' car charger
    ab 5,390 €
  13. USB 'Zafar' charging cable with key ring
    ab 1,580 €
  14. USB 'Erik' car charger
    ab 2,390 €
  15. PVC USB fan
    ab 1,120 €
  16. Plastic car charger with 2 USB ports
    ab 18,380 €
  17. Plastic multifunctional car charger
    ab 6,980 €
  18. Aluminium USB hub with 4 ports.
    ab 2,360 €
  19. 'Ludwigshafen' Car charger with 2 USB ports.
    ab 1,310 €
  20. 'Salzgitter ' USB hub with 4 ports.
    ab 1,310 €
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Promotional USB+Items Imprinted With Your Logo

The development of USB products is remarkable. Over the past years, USB pens, USB laser pointer pens, USB watches or slim USB cards to fit in your wallet entered the market. Their additional variants of design and colour make them a perfect promotional gift. We offer all mentioned USB items as advertising media which will definitively constitute highlights of your upcoming advertising campaign. Imagine your advertisement placed on USB products and think about the consequent promotional effectiveness of these up-to-date technical items on your clients or business partners.