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Branded Knives


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  1. Promo Piccolo cut on wood
    Piccolo cut on wood
    ab 4,550 €
  2. branded STRUKTURA classic tool
    STRUKTURA classic tool
    ab 10,520 €
  3. Promo Cuttermesser 'Liv' weiß
    Cuttermesser 'Liv' weiß
    ab 0,390 €
  4. Promotional Rettungsmesser 'Adele' schwarz
    Rettungsmesser 'Adele' schwarz
    ab 4,140 €
  5. Promo Messer 'Nilay' silber
    Messer 'Nilay' silber
    ab 5,120 €
  6. Promo Schlüsselanhänger 'Timur' schwarz
    Schlüsselanhänger 'Timur' schwarz
    ab 1,990 €
  7. Promo Taschenmesser 'Timur' silber
    Taschenmesser 'Timur' silber
    ab 5,470 €
  8. Promo Messer 'Nilay' silber
    Messer 'Nilay' silber
    ab 2,650 €
  9. Promo Allzweckmesser 'Ahmad' silber
    Allzweckmesser 'Ahmad' silber
    ab 2,360 €
  10. Stainless steel waiter's knife
    ab 0,970 €
  11. Stainless steel pocket knife
    ab 0,820 €
  12. Hobby knife with keychain
    ab 0,160 €
  13. Waiter's friend
    ab 0,860 €
  14. Stainless steel pocket knife
    ab 1,840 €
  15. 3 Piece stainless steel pocket knife.
    ab 0,710 €
  16. Stainless steel bar knife, parrot shaped
    ab 1,120 €
  17. Stainless steel seven piece steak knife set
    ab 5,480 €
  18. Stainless steel and PP fourteen piece kitchen
    ab 27,660 €
  19. Cutter with ten blades
    ab 0,160 €
  20. 10pc Stainless steel pocket knife
    ab 1,340 €
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Promotional Knives Imprinted With Your Logo

A sharp blade should be a part in every household, penknives are useful for home constructors and in backpacks of outdoor fans. Your SOURCE shop for advertising items offers a huge selection of knives in all designs. Individualise high-class jackknives, stanley knives or sport knives by adding an imprint or an engraving – a high-grade give-away that are versatile. Surprise your target group and please your receivers with this high-class promotional gift.