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Branded Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

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  1. Promo Dekanter 'Amilia' incl. Eisstick
    Dekanter 'Amilia' incl. Eisstick
    ab 11,970 €
  2. Promo Piccolo cut on wood
    Piccolo cut on wood
    ab 4,550 €
  3. branded Salz-und Pfeffermühle 'Quirin' schwarz
    Salz-und Pfeffermühle 'Quirin' schwarz
    ab 5,800 €
  4. branded EK-Chiphalter 'Elisa' silber
    EK-Chiphalter 'Elisa' silber
    ab 1,230 €
  5. Promo Schlüsselanhänger 'Timur' schwarz
    Schlüsselanhänger 'Timur' schwarz
    ab 1,990 €
  6. Promotional EK Schlüsselanhänger 'Adele' silber
    EK Schlüsselanhänger 'Adele' silber
    ab 0,790 €
  7. Bamboo cutting board
    ab 2,620 €
  8. Aluminium key holder with bottle opener
    ab 0,260 €
  9. Aluminium key chain with bottle opener and can opener
    ab 0,190 €
  10. Aluminium bottle opener key chain
    ab 0,340 €
  11. Aluminium bottle opener key chain
    ab 0,220 €
  12. Aluminium bottle opener
    ab 0,370 €
  13. Jorvik' electric bottle opener
    ab 14,630 €
  14. PP and silicone lunchbox
    ab 2,540 €
  15. Plastic lunchbox
    ab 0,790 €
  16. Bread bin/lunchbox (920ml)
    ab 3,680 €
  17. Plastic microwave cup (720ml)
    ab 1,040 €
  18. 'Minna' Coaster with bottle opener
    ab 0,260 €
  19. Aluminium bottle opener in a classic shape
    ab 0,330 €
  20. Stainless steel bottle opener
    ab 1,120 €
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Promotional Kitchen+Utensils Imprinted With Your Logo

Our helpful Kitchen Utensils will turn you into a master chef quickly. These small tools range from heat pads to nut crackers to high end cooking and gift sets. Each promotional item can of course be embellished with your customized advertising message to place the spotlight on your company.