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Promotional Items Full-Service

How effective is your/your company’s promotional supply procurement? In many cases, our customers spend a lot more time than initially expected when they shop all over the place and soon the costs are out of control. 
Especially companies who frequently need promotional products find themselves confronted with the question: what can we do to make the purchasing process for advertising supplies more efficient? 
The solution: optimum alignment of the process chain thanks to outsourcing.
The process from the initial promotional product idea to its utilization with a specific target group comprises several phases whose sum total determines how cost-effective your advertising supply procurement really is. Being aware of this fact led us to develop an idea: if everything is done by a single source that ensures that each individual step is intelligently aligned with the other phases, the total costs can be reduced. The result: attractive time and cost savings for your company.



How we lower your costs


Step 1: Choosing the promotional gifts

In a briefing session we first determine the strategy for the utilization of all promotional products in coordination with you. Your fundamental marketing strategy is taken into account to ensure perfect communication with the appropriate target groups and with the aim to optimally integrate all promotional products into your marketing mix. Based on all this information, we develop a transparent presentation of all products within a defined pricing frame. This abbreviates your decision-making process and places it on a solid foundation. At the same time, the early access to our consulting competencies will allow you to recognize potential savings and synergy potentials in a timely manner and to take advantage of them accordingly.


Step 2: Design of a customized E-commerce-solution

Upon request, we will set up a customized online store for you, in which the selected items are attractively presented and optimized for fast and uncomplicated ordering. The design of the online store will be in line with your corporate design instructions and will therefore be tailored to your corporate image.


Step 3: Providing the products

We take care of all product research and purchasing activities in Europe and around the globe on your behalf – based on many years of experience and with the assistance of a reliable network of partners that ensures highest quality standards at budget prices. You will receive your shipments just-in-time on the dates agreed upon and will not have to put up with annoying delays.


Step 4: Storage

For the storage of your merchandise we have palette and shelves space at the ready in our modern facilities. Periodic maintenance and inventory counts ensure the transparent structuring of our warehousing system and the smooth handling of all of your incoming orders.


Step 5: Shipping the products

To warrant that your merchandise shipments are handled in a timely and dependable manner, we cooperate with numerous delivery services. To ensure smooth and fast communication, we handle all of our forwarding service data transfer online.


Step 6: Billing

We perform all billing for your promotional products on your behalf. We are set up to transfer billing and shipping data to a variety of recipients and cost centers individually. The method we choose will be the most convenient one for you.


How you benefit from our Full-Service


Public image

The professional handling of all processes will enhance the positive image of your company with customers.



Individuals orders of items out of your promotional product portfolio are directly handled by us or, if you prefer, via individually designed E-commerce solutions. Our service also includes the placing of replenishment orders for your inventory, the monitoring of the product quality and the daily shipping of on-time deliveries.



Our state-of-the-art EDP system allows us to compile meaningful statistics and analyses, for instance regarding revenue developments or inventory levels, which we will provide to you free of charge.


More space

Outsourcing your promotional supply operations frequently results in additional available space capacity at your end, which you can either use otherwise or give up to reduce your overall facility costs.



You don’t have to trust us – instead you will know for sure that we deliver what we promise. We are the first DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certified advertising agency.



Our competencies spring from more than 16 years of experience in the promotional product industry and in particular in the rendering of full services.

Are you impressed? Or want to know more? Contact us free for our professional advice on how advertising can create drastic advantages for your enterprise. Don't hesitate to call us.