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So-called add-ons play an important role in creating a buying stimulus and increasing the sales of your own products. Add-ons are items that are linked to a customer’s order without incurring any additional costs for the consumer, i.e. they are given away as a free bonus.


What kind of add-ons are available?



As the name suggests, an on-pack is a loose promotional give-away which facilitates the customer’s inclination to buy. These might be vouchers, USB sticks with promotional data, lighters or summer items like frisbees. The promotional items used as give-aways are simply added to the purchased product as a bonus. With a holistic on-pack strategy, give-aways will ideally make the customer want to collect the products. This is why some on-packs have attained a sort of cult status. You can also use this positive stimulus to boost your sales!


In-pack promotions refer to promotional items that are given away, but are included inside of the purchased product’s packaging. Whether it’s a yo-yo, keychain, glass or another type of give-away, in-packs boost the attractiveness of your product and lead to increased sales. In-packs offer your customers real added value that they can see and touch! In contrast to the on-pack, the amount of space available inside the package and the size of the in-pack item play an important role.


Bundles consist of a combination of products available for sale. One example is the well-known slogan “Buy 2, Get 1 Free”. You can use this to attain more turnover through the use of bundled offers! Suitable items that can be offered as part of a bundle ideally have some sort of relation to one another. In the case of beverages, this might be a collector’s glass. For lifestyle products, it could be a CD or something similar. As with on-packs and in-packs, this type of sales promotion also creates a sustainable stimulus for consumers to buy.


Add-Ons have a wide range of effects


Boosted Sales

The product offered as an in-pack or on-pack item in a bundle seems more inexpensive to a customer. Because the price is the same, the consumer gets added value with the give-away item, which has a positive effect on your revenue.

Test and Impulse Purchases

Perhaps you’re familiar with the effect of give-away items yourself; as a consumer you become curious about the additional product being given away “for free” and let yourself get carried away with a spontaneous purchase. As a vendor, you can also profit from the powerful effect of give-aways at your POS (point of sale)!

Boosting Turnover Without Cutting Prices

As a sales expert you know that making a one-time decision to cut prices is very difficult and can only be reversed with considerable losses. But you can also attain sustainable increases in your turnover without cutting any prices! You can use give-aways to achieve this. They create real added value for your customers without destroying the long-term price level of your goods.

Achieving Customer Loyalty

Put your customers’ collector instincts to use. Whether it’s kinder eggs or football stars, you can stimulate their pleasure in collecting things!

Boosting Your Brand’s Profile

As promotional items, give-aways will carry your message wide and far. A glass with your company’s logo, for example, will remind its user and his or her environment of your company again.


Why is SOURCE the right partner for your Add-Ons?



We are your partners when it comes to developing add-ons that fit your company, your strategy or your individual corporate design like a glove. You can not only count on our competent services as far as the selection and design of your advertising products is concerned, but also in all other phases of the process – we are at your side throughout the entire project.


Our in-house product designers, who have strong know-how in the advertising product segment, will develop the perfect product for you and your promotion. How do you benefit? You save time and money, given that you do not have to involve any other agencies or service provider.


You don’t have to trust us – instead you will know for sure that we deliver what we promise. We are the first DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certified advertising agency. Our cooperation with esteemed testing institutions ensures maximum product and process quality. Moreover, we only import products that meet the EU guidelines of the electronic waste law, which prohibits the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic devices because they are known health hazards. Testing institutes we have approved for this process (SGS Switzerland or TÜV Rheinland) monitor the production and perform the quality control in all phases. This includes for instance also the taking of random samples from production runs as well as the inspection for proper packaging and shipping.


Our competency is rooted in more than 16 years of experience in the promotional products industry, in particular in add-ons. You will reap the benefits of our expansive product know-how. Our trend scouts regularly attend international promotional product and fashion tradeshows to keep us in the loop and be aware of the latest industry trends so that we can implement them in a timely manner. Moreover, you can count on the support of our interdisciplinary team as you select, design, produce and decide on the targeted use of your add-ons.


Through us you will have access to more than 400 production sites around the world and profit from our consistently large purchase volume. We offer first rate terms ensuring that you get the best prices possible.

Social Responsibility

Our management system is based on social standard SA8000, which itself is based on the principles and conventions of the International Labor Organization and derives its provisions from the well-known ISO standards. The SA8000 standard defines verifiable criteria related to child labor, forced labor, work and occupational health protection, compensation, work time regulations, discrimination, the right to collective negotiating, disciplinary practices and management qualities. On this solid foundation, we guarantee adequate and socially compatible working conditions not only at our own facilities, but also at our globally domiciled suppliers.
Moreover, we are advocates of fair trade relations with developing countries and do participate in the distribution of fair trade products. The fair trade seal of approval designates products that are traded at defined fair terms. Fair trade supports the producers in developing countries to put them into a position to attain humane sources of income using their own means.

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