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  • Kugelschreiber mit Textmarker

    Ball pen with highlighter , blue

    Article No.: 114778

    from Fr.0.19€0.19£0.19

    from Fr.0.19€0.19£0.19
  • 4er Kugelschreiber mit Textmarker

    4-colour ball pen with highlighter, grey

    Article No.: 106422

    from Fr.0.59€0.59£0.59

    from Fr.0.59€0.59£0.59
  • TEXTMARKER - 3er Set SI

    textmarker 3-set - silver

    Article No.: 83766

    from Fr.1.82€1.82£1.82

    from Fr.1.82€1.82£1.82
  • CrisMa Design-Ständer/Haftmarkerst.

    CrisMa design stand with note stripes., grey

    Article No.: 106447

    from Fr.2.63€2.63£2.63

    from Fr.2.63€2.63£2.63
  • CrisMa Textmarker-Ständer

    CrisMa highlighter stand, grey

    Article No.: 106466

    from Fr.3.15€3.15£3.15

    from Fr.3.15€3.15£3.15
  • CrisMa Ständer mit 4 Textmarkern

    CrisMa desk set with 4 highlighters, grey

    Article No.: 106449

    from Fr.4.74€4.74£4.74

    from Fr.4.74€4.74£4.74

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Promotional Highlighters Imprinted With Your Logo

Advertising highlight! With our practical Highlighter Pens you will definitely attract attention. These popular and low-priced promotional gifts can be easily adapted to your specific concept. Enhance them with your logo or company name. You can easily integrate these small tokens of appreciation into your existing advertising campaign and upgrade it to generate maximum attention and popularity.